Building up Seattle

Where do we live?

We are opening our doors next week for the first time! I cannot wait to start working with the kids. I have so many things ready to show them and so many ideas what to do! 🙂

The first month is going to be all about us – trying to learn more there is to know about ourselves and the place where we live. The room is slowly transitioning – Space Needle and self-portrait stations everywhere… just couple more days to go!

Building an Igloo


Would you like to build an igloo?

This is just a tiny little provocation that I set up for the kids – to go along with our winter theme. We are exploring ice, snow and polar animals… and since the block area is a big part of our preschool experience, I set up this little challenge. Let’s see what the kids will come up with.

And yes, it is Han Solo and Wampa from Star Wars (I painted them for my son couple of years ago ;)).

Borax Snowflakes



Would you like to make some amazing crystals?

It’s much easier than you may think. Here is how to make the snowflake:

First cut a pipe cleaner into three pieces and combined them in the middle. Then mix hot water and borax (1 cup of water and 3 tablespoons of borax) and tie the snowflake to a pencil with a thin yarn or thread.

Dip the snowflake in the borax solution and leave it in overnight (or for at least four hours). Try not to move the cup in that time. Make sure the snowflake does not rest on the bottom of the cup. It could get stuck to it and that’s no fun.

You can add food coloring to tint your creation as well.

Btw, what is BORAX?

Chemically, it is called sodium borate but you may have it in your laundry room. If not, it can be easily purchased for a couple of dollars in the laundry section of almost any grocery (or drug) store. It is a soft, white powder that easily dissolves in water and has many uses. It can remove many stains and deodorize a garbage can. It can put out a small fire and kill cockroaches (that’s why you should not eat it either). It can remove rust, treat athlete’s foot and wash your laundry. And on top of that it can grow amazing crystals in only couple of hours 🙂

Open House

Do you want to see our preschool in person?

We have an open house this Saturday (January 14th) from 9 am to 12 pm. We will have a lot of activities and centers for kids so they can experience the preschool for themselves.

Come to learn more about our program. We will give you a tour and talk about the schedule, themes, philosophy and plans we have for this year. We will also start taking registration this Saturday (for February and for September). If you cannot make it but would love to see the preschool, just email me or call me and we will schedule an individual tour.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday! 🙂

Going to a fair…

It’s finally here! The preschool is ready and the registration is opening. I can’t wait to show everybody what I was working on the last year. 

I’m going to be taking to people at a local preschool fair in Sammamish this Saturday – for the first time – wish me luck! ☺️