Art Curriculum

We focus on open-ended art.

Even though we offer online art classes we do not make the kids simply follow step-by-step instructions to produce ‘cookie-cutter’ art. Instead, we expose them to new artists, techniques, materials and ideas and let them explore it on their own. We spark their curiosity and let their creativity take over.

We learn about famous artists through stories

You can see a sample lesson and make your own Louise Nevelson inspired art with us today. Just click here.

Our unique visual arts curriculum is based on years of my experience as an art teacher and a homeschooling mom. It brings grown-up art materials into the classroom along with custom child-friendly stories about the artists and art elements. We do not make crafts, we make art.

These are the basic concepts we cover:

 Line: We play around with different kinds of lines. We use them to make shapes, patterns and words. We talk about Op Art, Miro, Warhol and Picasso.

Color: We talk about different colors and how they work together. We mix colors, sort them and see how we can use colors to express our emotions. We explore the art of Mondrian, Seurat , Rothko and others.

 Shape: We are talking about organic and geometric shapes and use them to create our art. We explore the art of Matisse, Klee and Kandinsky.

 Texture: We experiment with actual and visual textures. We create art that we can feel with our fingers while we focus on Nevelson, Oldenburg and Van Gogh.

Pattern, repetition and symmetry: We exercise our logical thinking with complex patterns and mandalas. We explore symmetry and repetition in art and in the world around us. Our artists are Monet, Escher and Rinauld.

 Form: We move beyond paper. We focus on transient art, clay, found objects, papier mache and plaster. We talk about Chihully, da Vinci and Piven.

 Movement: We learn about movement in art. We use our active bodies to create masterpieces inspired by Pollock and Kandinsky.

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