Art Supplies & More

Welcome to our online preschool store.

We created it as an Amazon affiliate program so you have all the materials in one place. You probably have most of them at home already. Please make sure you have most of the at home before we begin in September.

You will also need paper towels, washable tablecloth and an apron, pencils, journals and scrap paper. Sometimes we may ask for a bowl, jello or some other simple items. You will always see a complete list of them in the beginning of each lesson.

What about other supplies?

We will be using Singapore Dimensions Math and Jolly Phonics. If you would like to get the corresponding textbook and workbook, they can be purchased here. We will be using KA (it is Kindergarten level but it is very well done and we go through it slowly). It is absolutely optional.

The Jolly Phonics activity books and workbooks are optional too. Activity books have coloring sheets, games, stickers… workbooks are more classic ones with tracing and coloring. The poster is just a nice visual aid and kids usually like to sing the songs for the letters as they learn them.

Here are some manipulatives that we will use in the lessons. If your kids want to do the activities with us, here they are. We will use them for counting, sorting, making patterns, shape recognition, and much more.

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