Hours & Prices


We are open five days a week 9 AM to 1 PM

In 2019/20 we are open September 4th to June 18th

We follow Issaquah school district calendar.


We offer full-week program and 2 or 3 day program.

The kids need to be potty trained and 3-5 years old (when starting preschool).

Full-time preschool experience (5 days a week) – $700
2-day program (Tu,Th) – $320
3-day program (Mo, We, Fri) – $450

The tuition includes all supplies, snacks and monthly field trips. Lunch is provided twice a week (when we make it ourselves).

The non+refundable registration fee is $85 and covers all our yearbooks and project books, individualized mugs and more.

We offer sibling discounts. Contact Us for more information.