Literacy, Math, Science & more

We work on our pre-algebra skills every week, often without the kids realizing it. We practice our number sense while and geometry while creating art or playing games. And we sharpen our measurement skills while conducting science experiments.

We also integrate Singapore Math into our routine to help our kids transition into the public school system with ease. If you are interested in purchasing workbooks/textbooks for this program and follow them along with our program, we are using level KA. They are 100% optional.

We prepared a list of recommended manipulatives that help the kids with sorting, measuring, patterns and more. Please visit our affiliate store.

We prepare kids to become strong and confident readers. We read books every day and analyze them together. We learn phonics through songs and games. We use a really fun, engaging and well-researched curriculum: Jolly Phonics. It helps the kids recognize the sounds of the letters and builds confident readers.

We also love Explode the Code workbook series and recommend them for kids that want to learn more.

We focus on pre-writing skills as well. Our age-appropriate activities and games are based on Handwriting Without Tears.

In Science we follow Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding curriculum. We explore the nature of matter, life science as well as physical science and engineering basics. We focus on developing basic scientific skills: observation, questioning and logical reasoning. We encourage kids’ curiosity and critical thinking every day. We conduct experiments, carefully analyze results and learn about the world around us – together.

Our preschool is surrounded by almost an acre of Natural wildlife habitat the kids can explore with us, even though online. We watch the animals together, learn to make a bug hotel and create houses for mason bees. We explore our garden and plants. And like proper artists & scientists we record our observations of the birds, squirrels and deer in out nature journals (following the Raising Little Shoots curriculum).

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