Online Summer Camps

This year we offer online summer camps.

We have 4 different camps this year – suitable for kids 3-7 years old.


Each camp has 5 video sessions (one a day) and a bag with goodies (printouts & craft and art supplies: stuff like glue gun, tiles, clay, wooden toys to paints). You will be able to pick up the bags at the end of June at our preschool (contactless pickup).

Each camp costs $35/child or $50 for 2 siblings.

You can access the camp through a private Facebook group on the date below – and it will remain accessible to you for the rest of the summer.

You can register by clicking here. Email with instruction on payment will follow in 1-2 days.


June 29th

We will learn about underwater animals; some of the the kids know well (shark, octopus), others they may not know (like a nudibranch). We will paint pictures of the ocean, we will make clay animals and an ocean in a bottle. We will play games, sing songs and read books together. The goodie bag includes stuff like: ocean printouts and a memory game, pictures of different ocean animals we can draw, bleeding tissue paper, silver sharpie, air dry clay, wooden seahorse, oil pastels, water beads, etc.

Cool Animals

July 6th

We will explore cool animals through stories, stop motion animation and games and songs. We will do animal yoga and play vet. We will make an edible hedgehog, build beaver dams, make a clay snake, bat mobile and flamingo paintings. We will also meet a hedgehog and a snake. The goodie bag includes stuff like: air dry clay, beaver toy, vet pretend play printouts, cutout puppet, cloth pins and coffee filters and a wooden hedgehog to sew.

Art in Nature

July 27th

We will explore nature together. We will make twig people puppets, adopt a pet rock and collect leaves, flowers and seeds to make art. We will go on an online walk and talk about keeping a nature journal, play scavenger hunts outside, sing songs and play games. The goodie bag includes stuff like: scavenger hunt, printouts about nature, masking tape, googly eyes, yarn, small notebook, paint and air dry clay.


August 3rd

We will embrace our engineering side with our tinkering camp. We will make a drawing cat bot and a wooden robot paperweight. We will make machines move with colorful balloons and create a lot of stuff with a glue gun (with a safety video). Goodie bag includes stuff like: cold glue gun, simple motor and switches, balloons and CDs, wooden block and metal pieces, lots of cards of ‘what can you build’ challenge and a lot of recyclables to have fun with.

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