Summer Camps

Join us for our summer camps. We offer two 1-week-long camps this year. They are Monday through Friday (9 AM to 1 PM).

Water, Water Everywhere


June 24th to June 28th, 9-1 pm – $185

Let’s get wet! We will design (and test) boats and ships of all sizes. We will build bridges and look for pirate treasures. We will paint with spray bottles and colored ice. We will learn to mix colors with pipettes and make ocean in a bottle. We will do science experiments and record our findings. We will learn about sharks, read adventure stories and sing songs together.

Register here. We will confirm by email within 48 hours.

There’s Magic in the Air


August 12th to 16th, 9-1pm – $185

Join us on our magic quest to the world of fairies, dragons, magicians and princesses. We will design, plan and build fairy houses and mix magic potions that bubble and fizzle. We will look for dragon eggs and get lost in our imagination and classic fairy tales. We will even build a castle together. It is an adventure to remember.

Register here. We will confirm by email within 48 hours.

What you should know about our summer camps

  • we accept only a low number of students
  • we have two teachers and several ‘counselors’ at our camps. These are 8-10 year old students helping the young kids with their missions. They play with them, help them with their quests and serve as role models for the little ones
  • we provide snack and water (but kids bring their own lunch)
  • we take pictures of the kids and send them to you every evening to let you know what we did together
  • we spend most of our time outside but go and cool down in our air-conditioned classroom as needed
  • kids need to be 3-6 years old and potty trained

Contact us if you have any questions.