Each month brings something new.

Our curriculum is carefully crafted to engage the kids on many levels. It’s a journey that we always take together.

We change our book selection, pretend play area, sensory play, provocations, science area and light table props to match the kids’ interests. We offer a variety of themes but we also respect the kids’ unique personalities and their likes – so we may explore these themes in a different order or spend more/less time on them.

September: All about me: we explore our families, homes, cities and 5 senses.

October: Falling for fall: we look at the changing season and focus on leaves, harvest, scarecrows, pumpkins, apples and of course, Halloween.

November: Community helpers: we learn about our community and talk about fire stations, restaurants, construction workers, farmers and more.

December: Winter and holidays: we discover what animals do in the winter, talk about snow, bake gingerbread and ice and find out how people celebrate the holidays around the world.

January: My healthy body: we explore our bodies, from good nutrition and exercise to doctors and dentists.

February: Tell me a story: we get lost in fairy tales, nursery rhymes and storybooks.

March: All about animals: from pets, farm animals and zoo to the natural habitats of Pacific NW.

April: Destination Imagination: we will really get our imagination fly with space travel, dinosaurs, engineering and more!

 May: Growing a garden: we will learn all about flowers, trees, fruits, vegetables and bugs in the garden.

June: Water adventure: we’ll embrace the summer with learning about the ocean, fish, boats and beach.