Cooking, baking, tasting…


Every week the arTree kids will make their own lunch.

They will learn about nutrition and healthy living while they chop, measure and stir. I am putting together fun and balanced menu that the preschoolers may enjoy AND they can do themselves. I have a list of wonderful recipes: from soups, paninis and pizzas to muffins, parfaits and waffles. It has been fun putting this together.

And I must say that Cooking class book was a wonderful help and an amazing find!  I could not be happier with it. I got it for my daughter for Christmas and she absolutely loves it! It has so many wonderful recipes with easy-to-follow instructions that it makes it really fun and easy for her to do most of it herself! I am pretty sure the little cooks at my preschool will feel as excited about it as she is.

So far we did a lot of pancakes (she even flips them herself), crepes, parfaits, popcorn chicken, cat pizzas, salads and eggs, fruit animals and much more! If your little ones likes to hep out in the kitchen, check it out.

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