Matisse & Valentine


Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?

This is a little Valentine dancer project that I did last year with my kids. We decided to use Henri Matisse and his art as our inspiration.

How can you make it? It is super simple. You need: black, blue and yellow paper, card (or card stock paper of any color), scissors, glue and about 10 minutes of your kid’s time.

First, let your child pose in a funny pose in front of a mirror (or you can take a picture of them with your phone). Then let them draw themselves on a black paper. Let them cut the picture out (or help them, depending on the age of the child), add a little red heart. Now you can decorate the rest of the card: words, letters, zig-zags, hearts… glue it all onto a card and share with that special someone.

Btw, these are some of my other favorite Matisse-inspired projects:



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