All about Apples

It would not be a proper fall without apples!

We spent a lot of time learning about them. We explored the apples with our five senses and wrote down our observations. We measured, weighted and cut open our apples (to count the seeds inside). We did a taste test with 5 different kind of apples to see which one we liked the most (Gala ;)). We made apple sauce and apple sandwiches and tasted apple juice and apple cider to see the difference between them. We learned who Johnny Appleseed was and helped him plant some apple trees. We did apple-tree inspired yoga and songs. We painted apples, printed with apples and learned about still life paintings and Paul Cezanne.

We have been so busy the last 1-2 weeks, I didn’t even notice how busy we were!


We also took a very good care of our young apple tree in the garden. We planted it in May and it already has some tiny red apples. They are not edible this year but they are so cute! Kids are not diligently watering the tree, even in the rain 🙂




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