Hello Songs to Start our Day

Every year I try to find the ultimate hello song for my preschool classroom. We tried several ones in the past and this one was the most popular one by far:

This year I am trying to find more songs so I can take turns with them – keeping the kids interested and running to the carpet during our morning meeting.

Do you guys have any favorite hello songs that you use? I am thinking about trying these. I am curious which one the kids are going to prefer.

I really like this song by Liz Buchanan that introduces many different languages to the kids. I think it would be a nice addition to our routine. We already exchange letters and postcards with preschools around the world, this would work very well with that message.

This is another nice, fun song that uses more than one language to greet the kids each morning. It’s a song by Janice Buckner. It is easy, catchy and could be customized to our needs.

I may start with this one though. It is a very simple song that uses rythm and repetition to help the kids memorize each other’s names. It is a song by Miss Karen and her toddler classroom. It would work great with our literacy and Math curriculum as well.

And last but not least, this one caught my eye. What I like about this song is that it uses gross motor and introduces basic concepts at the same time. You can easily customize it as you need to and it gets the kids moving, which may be very helpful in the morning. It was published on YouTube by Dream English.

What songs do you use? Would you add any to the list?

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