Matisse Self Portraits

Henri Matisse is always a hit with the kids. They like the idea of painting with scissors and they absolutely love guessing what animal is hiding in his painting (though they rarely think it is a snail).


We are starting our journaling next week. I got the primary journals for the kids all ready but do they look impersonal. First I thought we would decorate them a bit or write our names on them… but what better way to recognize your journal than by adding your self-portrait? 

I cut black papers for the background, gave the kids scissors, glue, colored papers and let them at it. We talked about different shapes and how to cut rectangles vs. triangles out of narrow stripes of paper (some 4s got really good at it).  We used a paper puncher and a lot of glue!

Then the kids put it all together. Some portraits had two eyes, one nose in the middle and a mouth underneath. some had hair. Others had two heads and no eyes, three noses or a mouth on the forehead. Some kids thought it was hilarious and others took it very seriously. It was amazing to see their creations – and now I am really looking forward to seeing the journals themselves.


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