Chestnut and Acorn Animals

Another day with glue guns. This time around we decided to embrace the season and use all the amazing fall treasures the kids have been collecting. Plus, I must admit that I really enjoy this!

When I was little, I loved making these animals… hiking and picking up chestnuts with my grandma, cleaning them and turning them into caterpillars, cows and dogs is one of my favorite memories, and I really wanted to share it with the kids.

We got chestnuts, acorns, twigs, pine cones, fur, colored papers, seashells, feathers, pumpkin seeds, dried leaves and so much more. I printed out some pictures for the kids to give them an idea what’s possible and we started.

IMG_20181025_105133  We used glue guns for the smaller things and toothpicks for the larger pieces (glue gun just was not working well). That was the only part I was helping with, I was afraid the kids will poke themselves too much if they try to make holes into acorns by themselves.

The creations were pretty awesome and as different as the kids who made them, like always. I hope this will become our tradition – and we will build more and more amazing creations each year.

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