Snowy Days at Preschool

Yet another snowy day at school. It is grey and rainy outside but it is January… and it January we love exploring snow. Kids usually get to the mountains over the weekend – skiing, sledding, tubing or just building a snowman. They always come back and tell us all about their adventurous and are eager to play with ‘snow’ at school as well.

We have this awesome book about snowflakes. I love reading it to the kids and listening to their oooohs and aaaaahs when they see the stunning photographs of real snow.

We decided to draw our own snowflakes (with 6 sides) on plain blue DVD plastic cases. We used silver sharpies (always a hit) and sticky gems. It looks gorgeous on the door as the grayish Seattle light passes through 😉

We also made some sensory tray snow. As I mentioned before, I am trying to expose kids to a lot of sensory experiences – even though it gets challenging at times. This recipe was a huge hit last year, this year the kids really needed a lot of encouragement to touch it and they were all done really soon… we need to try something similar soon.

You mix:

  • 1/2 cup of hair conditioner (white one)
  • 2 1/2 cups of baking soda

The great thing about this recipe is that is actually is cold to touch and you can use it to make snowball or snowman.

I went to a grocery store during the Christmas clearance and got the fake snow spray for less than a dollar. I brought it into the classroom and brainstormed with the kids on how we could use it. We agreed on templates on our front door. They helped me tape them onto the door and then we sprayed. It looked really good. The only bad thing was it did not last longer than a week. Since the spray never really dries, it smudges easily.

But, it is not the destination but the process. And the process was really fun.

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