Art Around the World

Come discover the world with us.

I am offering small group art classes for kids 6-12 years old.

Part 1: $185/six classes (first session is September 7th to October 12th 2022)

Part 2: $240/eight classes (October 26th to December 14th 2022)

There will be 28 classes in total in 2022-23. Space is guaranteed for current students.

Kids 6-12 years old (1 spot left in Part 1)

Wednesdays 2:15-3:15 pm at Artree Preschool in Sammamish

Every week we talk about one country, discover an artist and track our journey in a custom journal (that is designed and published by me). The projects are selected to be engaging (and open ended). We will make a collage, paint animals, camouflage our hands and paint with mud (aka elephant dunk).

First session includes:

  1. Jasper Johns (USA)
  2. Lawren Harris (Canada)
  3. Mexican Folk Art (Mexico)
  4. Chris Ofili (Caribbean)
  5. Cecilia Paredes (Peru)
  6. Marisol Escobar (Venezuela)

Second session includes:

  1. Diana Herrera (Grey Britain)
  2. Gustav Klimt (Austria)
  3. Friedensreich Hundertwasser (Germany)
  4. Paul Cezanne (France)
  5. Vincent Van Gogh (Netherlands)
  6. Pablo Picasso (Spain)
  7. Giotto di Bondone (Italy)
  8. St. Basil/s Cathedral (Russia)

Please fill this form to register for our classes. We will get back to you within 48 hours to confirm the registration (with the instructions on how to pay).

We do not refund missed classes. In the unlikely event that we have to reschedule a class we schedule a make up class on Friday afternoons.

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