Our Program

We are a play-based preschool with a strong focus on art and science.

Every week we cook our own lunch and build amazing structures with glue guns. We do yoga, run, sing, dance, make art and play out our favorite books. We write letters to our preschool friends all over the world and learn about different cultures. We go on field trips and keep fun visual journals. We grow fruits and vegetables in our garden and take care of our tortoise, Bob Franklin.

Our class environment is inspired by Reggio, Waldorf, Montessori and many other philosophies. We have a low child/teacher ratio that enables very individualized approach. We are located in central Sammamish, surrounded by almost an acre of Natural wildlife habitat. Our space has been newly remodeled offers plenty of room to roam and explore.

Click here to learn more about our day.

arTree curriculum is based on current research in child development and follows the Washington State Early Learning and Development Guidelines, ensuring a through-line from arTree preschool to any future school.

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