Our Program

In our (now online) preschool your kids make art, sing songs and dance with us. We read books and analyze them. The kids learn to use glue guns, mix colors and sew. They explore, get excited about science and do yoga.

How does the online program work?

We do our lessons 3 times a week and they are roughly 30 minutes long. They follow the seasons and all the stuff that we know the kids love. You can learn more here.

We read a book, make art, sing songs and get moving every day. We do phonics, Math and science together (all through play) . We offer a lot of additional games, activities and challenges when the kids go offline.

Click here to learn more about our day.

Visit our FAQ page to learn more.

What about socialization?

We believe that preschool experience should be more about socialization and obtaining life skills than about academics. In our school, kids are part of a small community. They meet each other online on our monthly parties, they interact, they share their art and stories with us and even send each other postcards. The classroom stays together for 1 or 2 years so the kids really get to know each other.

Can I see the program before I subscribe?

Of course! We made a sample class for your to preview our program. Just click here and make some art!

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