Too Much Glue

Kids love glue. I love it too. So I don’t insist they only use a little bit in their work. I explain the benefits of little vs. ton of glue… but let them decide and try it out. After all, glue is fun. It is a really great sensory activity, it is affordable and using too much glue is not really a problem.

This year, kids really enjoy big puddles of glue so we decided to make it even better. I added some liquid watercolors into the glue, gave it a shake and the results were amazing.


We gave kids a piece of very sturdy watercolor paper and let them create. Some used only one color. Some used all of them. Some kids used two bottles at the same time, others tilted the paper to see how the glue moves and mixes.

They made everything from ‘a lot of blue paint’ to ‘that’s me,’ a ‘fish’ and a ‘dinosaur.’ We had pictures of their siblings and awesome curly hair, ponies and colorful dots. Now let’s see how long it will take to dry. I’m thinking over the weekend (hopefully this one).

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