Flying our Kites

We have two days now between the week and a who-knows-how-long of rain. I don’t mind rain. I actually like it and I know the kids love it! But there are some things that are more fun without drizzling: like flying a kite. 

It’s amazing how couple of plastic bags, sharpies, string, tagging tape and little bit of scotch tape can keep kids happy, busy and moving all day! 

We tried different bags in the past but the paper ones are very difficult for the younger kids to fly, some of the plastic ones are just too big… these seemed perfect. We tied a string to both handles and made a knot couple of inches under them (tying them together). And gave kids sharpies to decorate their kites to make them a unique flying experience.


Last year we used streamers for the tails but this year I remembered a got a lot of colorful tree tagging tape for another project. It made amazing tails! So light and colorful. Kids chose their colors, cut the tails and we taped them to their kites.

Then we took it all outside and did a lot of running, chasing, flying and screaming. It was a very colorful and active morning. Beauty of simplicity. Love it.

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