Suncatchers from DVD cases

I knew I wanted to do a project with these as soon as I saw them but I wasn’t really sure what to do. I didn’t want to make anything too crafty. I wanted to make something abstract with the kids. Something they would love making their own.

In the end I decided to leave it up to them. I gave them sharpies and let them explore the fun with colored ‘glass.’ They loved it. Then we remembered our small sticker gems and the kids loved the idea of adding them to their suncatcher (so it is sparkly and shiny even when the light does not shine through them, you know?).


They also wanted to add more color. I was afraid paint would peel off and watercolors would not work that well but I remembered I still had some alcohol inks (here is another project we did with those). So, we got to it. It took pliers and a blister to get them to open (who knew they lock up so much?!) but we did it. We put couple of drops of the ink and the blending solution on it. We let it dry and taped it to our door. The kids cannot help but admire it every  minutes. They are so proud!

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