International Fairy Day Celebration

Every year, we join preschools all over the world to celebrate the International Fairy Day Tea Party Celebration on September 21st. It is a wonderful celebration of play and imagination. The idea behind it is:

Celebrated on a day where all the children around the world share the fact that we have 12 hours of daylight – the equinox! We might not all share the same resources, the same seasons, the same cultures or religions… but we can share the fact we ALL have 12 hours of daylight and we can celebrate children’s right to PLAY. Play outdoors and explore nature… fairies gives you the chance to see the little things up close… a new perspective.

We started our morning by making fairy soups with flowers, gems, water beads and more. We listened to fun music and danced around in our costumes. We made crowns and headbands, We put on some wings.

We made magic wands. Last year I ordered really nice looking rhythm sticks online but when they came we found out that do look nice but are useless for playing music (since they break if you hit them). So, we bought different ones and saved these for a project… and this seemed like a great opportunity to use them again! We decorated them with gems, buttons, sequin, ribbons and feathers and danced around with them, changing most objects into frogs.

IMG_20180921_145751_475 (1)

For lunch we made waffles with whipped cream and some colorful fairy sprinkles. We really like these waffles. They have a lot of protein and vitamins and the kids love them!

Then it was time to make the potions! Kids loved this part the most. In fact we used a gallon of vinegar, 3 pounds of baking soda, one can of shaving cream and a lot of powder tempera. Kids mixed and observed the chemical reactions. They experimented with the shaving cream – watching the bubbles push it out of the cup. They added flowers, wood chips and more to see what will happen. They mixed colors and measured and stirred. I the end, they worked together to mix the ultimate potion in a big sensory table!

It was a wonderful day filled with wonder, play, imagination and dreams… as always!

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