Glue Guns for All!

We love glue guns in our preschool. And we especially love the new super cold ones we got last week. Before that we had a low-temp ones but they could still burn your finger so I helped the kids with their creations (especially the 3s) and I took only two kids at a time. We don’t have to do that anymore!

I got these great little STEM provocations for the kids to use – to spark their creativity and then took four at a time to use the glue guns by themselves. I am proud to say that all the kids (2 – 5 years old) loved them, nobody burnt themselves and they all asked when we can do it again!


We work like this. Kids choose a card of a thing they want to create (or just come up with their own thing). Then we get a little plastic container and go ‘shopping’. We have a big tinkering space with straws, buttons, corks, popsicle sticks and a lot of other awesome things from Tinkertopia (in Tacoma) or Zero Landfill event in Seattle. We have tons.

Kids choose their things and then start working. Everybody has 10-15 minutes to work on it… even though now, with 4 kids at time, we may do it even a bit longer!

These are some of our fall creations. Aren’t these amazing?

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