Sensory Walk

I went to the Zero Landfill Seattle event couple of weeks ago and scored all these amazing treasures! It is a priceless (and yes, free) event where designers give away all of their old samples to artists, craftsman and teachers. I brought two wagons and filled them all!


First thing we did was a sensory carpet. I got eight long pieces of carpet and a box of tile, wood, different carpet samples and fake grass. I asked the kids to help me attach it with glue gun.

They had to figure out what to put where – to make sure we maximize the space, use the most samples and we can actually step onto it. They loved it. They all worked together to fill the carpet all the way across our preschool.

Then it was time to take off our socks and experience the walk. Some kids loved it and walked it hundred times, some said ouch and put on their shoes (even though most of them took them off in the end and tried it again and again). It had a lot of foot traffic the first three days… then it became part of preschool (for a bit). Animals started playing on it, cars started racing over obstacles, kids were resting on the fluffy parts. It truly amazes me what they can all come up with – and how they use the materials so differently than we would have ever thought.

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