Push Pin Pictures

Fine motor skills are very important skills to master for preschoolers. They need to practice their little fingers to make it easier to draw, write, feed themselves, button their shirts or zip up their jackets.

We practice with so many different things – from board games to beads, from puzzles to sewing. And couple of days ago we decided to practice with push pins, pictures and carpet squares.


One OT (occupational therapist) once told me that the best way to practice with push pins is to lie down on the stomach. So I asked the kids to do that and, as you can guess, they loved that part! They were very responsible with their push pins and so careful to follow the lines (or not) and not to poke themselves or anybody else. They loved their creations! But most of all, they loved the process. The activity that I thought would last 5 minutes, lasted over half an hour. There was total silence, focus and determination. The kids don’t stop to impress me and surprise me. I love my job!

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