Christmas Light Exploration

Christmas lights are fascinating for the kids to explore and engage with. We added some lights to our wall and kept half of the preschool in the dark. Kids loved it. Then we showed the the awesome glasses that change every light into a snowman, tree, gift… and they did not want to take them off (I love those too :))

Today we added more lights into the classroom. We cut up old lights, gave the kids some batteries and turned off the light. It did not take them long to discover how it worked. It was amazing seeing such simple learning emerge through play. Kids were so engaged and focused. They worked with each other, trying to flip the lights around, combining the batteries, bending the wires… experimenting and exploring.

We also added light into out gingerbread house that has not been decorated for a couple of days now. It drew the kids in, literally, we had to make sure they take turns with their head in the house. They were so quiet and absorbed, I want to keep the lights off  now every day. It was a very peaceful, creative day filled with learning. 



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