Magnatiles and Candles

We wanted to make a simple art project today – decorate toilet paper rolls, then glue a cup inside and place a real (electric) tea candle inside – making a decorative candle for the holidays. We painted the rolls but they took forever to dry and kids really wanted to explore the lights themselves.

So when we played with the Christmas lights, we decided to add those candle lights into the mix as well. But because it is boring by itself, we suggested that kids use Magnatiles with them. It sparked to much interest and creativity, it was amazing. Kids were so absorbed and the results were stunning!

Kids worked with the lights for almost an hour and had to stop just because it was past our lunch time and our day together was almost over. I had to promise we will do this again the next day, which is really not a problem since I love this activity! With the holiday music in the background, it felt so serene and uplifting at the same time. And even though kids would have wanted more Magnatiles to use, they were awesome at sharing them, talking about it in a quiet voice and waiting their turn. There is something magical about the light and shadow play, isn’t there?

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