Two-feet Tall Wooden Snowman

We don’t work with wood as much as I would like (aside from our glue gun days). So when I saw somewhere a snowman out of plank of wood, I knew I want to try it.

I got really lucky – I went to Home Depot and found the 2x4s in the clearance section – and they cut it for me into 2-feet-long pieces. I also got the paint from the mess-up section so the snowman project was a go!

We worked on it for three days. First the kids painted the wooden pieces with the latex paint. They loved working from both sides of the table and it was a great fine (as well as gross) motor activity.

After it dried, we added a glitter layer to make our snowman sparkly (who would not like glitter, right?). And we brainstormed – what we should use for the noses. Kids were bringing me different materials and then we decided the cork would look the best, if it were orange… so, another small painting project.

Last day, we used glue guns to put it all together. Usually, my kids use the low-temp glue guns themselves but I was worried it would hold well for this project so I helped. They cut the socks into hats, they cut the snowman scarves and decorated them with eyes, smiles, buttons, shoes, earmuffs and more. Kids were so excited to see their snowmen. And I love that a simple craft project got customized  so well, I can tell you who made which snowmen just by looking at it 😉


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