Sewing Sprinkles on Cookies (bakery, 3)

I have been looking for another chance to bring sewing into the classroom, and when the kids asked to make cookies, I thought – YES!


I cut the little plastic mesh into circles to make the cookies for them and then spent two hours threading the needles and making knots. I worked with 4-5 kids at the time (so I could keep up) and was fascinated by their dedication to the project. Even the early 3s loved sewing, or cutting. I had one boy who insisted I thread his needle only to cut the thread into 2 mm long pieces afterwards (many times over).


Some kids loved changing colors, some liked the same one all over their cookies. Some were sewing randomly, some had a pattern or end product in mind. But they all enjoyed it tremendously. Next time we need to do a burlap!

But now we are off to play with some cookies at our bakery.


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