Pool Noodle Donuts (bakery project, 4)

Did you know an average pool noodle yields 77 donuts? 

We have been adding stuff to our bakery over a week now. And even though we have already made donuts, when I realized a pool noodle can be cut into donuts as well, I knew I had to try it with the kids.

It is January so finding a pool noodle was a little difficult. Luckily, my local Facebook gifting group came to the rescue and I had a pool noodle by the end of the day. I borrowed my husband’s sharp knife and effortlessly cut it into 77 donuts.

In the morning I brought those into the classroom and waited. The kids loved them! They confiscated them immediately and took them to the block area. They grabbed the new ice cream cones as well and built this amazing castle. It just shows you that if you do not tell them how to use something, they will show you how close minded you were 🙂


After a while, they realized they can use them in the kitchen as well and asked if they can make donuts out of them. That was my cue! I got the leftover latex paint (after the experience with the sponge cakes I wanted to make sure they are sealed!) and we gave them a coat of paint. Then the kids grabbed our acrylic paints in squeeze bottles and added some really fun frosting on top.

If you want to make the acrylic squirt bottles, i would recommend:

  • acrylic paint in large bottles (the small ones sometimes do not mix easily)
  • little bit of water
  • dish washing liquid


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