Designing our Cakes (bakery project, 5)

Sometimes we stick to 2D art. Sharpies and watercolors are always a good choice. I am proud to say our kids have mastered the process.

They know not to use sharpies once they start coloring the picture in with watercolors. They know that if they count to 10 while picking up the paint with their brush, it will be bolder and more saturated. They know they can pick up extra paint with a crumbled paper towel. And they know when to use a small brush and when to get a large one. In just a couple of months they truly grew as artists and craftsmen. They’ve come a long way. And they are loving it.

This project was a simple one: design your favorite cake. I showed them how to draw the 3D shape and the rest was their choice.

I want to use these in our ‘recipe’ book we are starting to put together for the parents. So while the kids worked, I walked around asking them about their favorite recipes. It was really fun! I have recipes for Chocolate Milk Milkshake, Gingerbread, Chips, and a lot of Cookies. Some are very realistic, others very imaginative.

Most of them go something like this:

  • Sugar
  • Donuts
  • Marshmallows
  • Coffee
  • more, more, more donuts

Mix it all up. Roll up the dough. You mix it up more, stir it and cut out 2 cookies. Put it in the oven for 3 minutes. And it is done.

Looking forward to the recipe book. But perhaps I should put a disclaimer in it 😉

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