Head in the Oven (baking project, 6)

Our bakery needed a new oven. We decided our small wooden oven does not cut it for 12 kids. So when I brought home this huge, sturdy box from Costco – I knew it will make a lot of kids very happy. And it did.

First day, I just brought the box in the classroom and put it on the table with some paint next to it. Kids immediately decided it should be green (no pun intended, I think) and started working on it. It took almost a day to dry.

Next morning we added some buttons with paper fasteners and foam. Kids came up with an idea of using CDs and pipe cleaners for the burners, that I totally loved! And then the most fun part of oven decoration came. I don’t even know who started it but suddenly they were taking turns sticking their head in the oven, decorating the top of it from the inside, with a black sharpie.

For over an hour, 6-8 of them were taking 2-minute turns sticking their head inside the oven. They even came up with a little chant: drawing in the oven, drawing in the oven… they were singing it and drumming on the box, in total sync. It was fascinating to watch. And I must say the results are pretty impressive, though not many people will probably see them.

Well, you are among the lucky few:



2 responses to “Head in the Oven (baking project, 6)”

  1. You have a great blog! I work at the Lee County Library in the Children’s Department and I also have a blog, Vicky’s Rowdy Book House. Coming up with story time ideas and projects is fun so I have started putting the books I read on my blog with songs and finger plays I have written. I also have crafts for each book on the blog. I hope we can follow each other. I will give your blog out to mothers, so cool!


  2. I almost forgot, when I was teaching preschool we also did a shaving cream table. It turned out being the talk of the Church Daycare that month! The students got the shaving cream in their hair, clothes, and everywhere. We had to take them down to the gym to shower them off lol! My class did get to see themselves on a DVD at the end of our year together.


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