Spices, Pancakes, Mud and Glue (bakery project, 7)

Our bakery project is going really well. We have bee doing so many little things, I just wanted to share some of them.

We have been crushing spices – cinnamon, cardamon, cloves and more. It made our preschool smell so nice!


We baked muffins, waffles and pancakes. Pancakes were the biggest hit. We measured and mixed and poured. We estimated how many we made, we counted with tally marks. And most importantly, we ate them all.

We made mud pies, chocolate cakes (part of the famous bake-off), hot chocolate, coffee, cookies, brownies and much more – out on our playground Let’s just say the kids are very thankful for the mole that has been digging up the best mud ever.

We made tons of pom pom muffins, CD cookies, block brownies and cakes with our low-temp glue guns. Before the end on the day, all the treats were put to test at numerous picnics and bake sales all around the preschool.

I am trying to find a bakery we could visit – but until then, we keep busy with our little projects.

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