Shaving Cream Cupcakes (bakery project 8)

Today we made cupcakes. Cupcakes with shaving cream.

We love combining sensory exploration with art. These two things go together so well and at this time and age when kids are afraid to get their hands dirty, it is something we try to do as much as we can.

We started with shaving cream and slowly added liquid watercolors. Kids mixed with popsicle sticks at first, carefully wiping their fingers with baby wipes. Yet, unlike in September, they quickly dropped those sticks and started using their fingers instead. I was so happy to see how dirty they got. They have some a long way in the last couple of months! It may seem silly celebrating that kids got really messy but we sure did.

Then it was time to make prints. Since the kids decided on making big cupcakes, I gave them large papers to move around in the colored mess and then gently wiped off the shaving cream, revealing our marbleized frosting. It’s a simple classic but the kids find it really fascinating.

We waited till the next day for the prints to dry and then used them to make huge cupcake paper collages with origami papers, sequins, colored glue and pom poms.

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