Color Exploration

Going back to school holding a pumpkin spice latte in the rain to do an exploration unit of color and you know it’s September.

We always start that way in one form or another. All our kids love mixing colors, making new ones, giving them names… and are fascinated by the relationships of primary and secondary colors, even though they may not name them that.

This year we decided to make collage paintings (over the course of several days) so really focus on the colors – one at the time. We stuck to a lot of cutting and gluing since we found out most kids would benefit from additional practice. We went back to basics and by repeating the same procedures again and again, they improved dramatically already. Can’t wait what they will achieve this year!

We used different construction papers, ribbons, streamers, tissue paper and stickers for our primary colors: yellow, red and blue. 

Then we explained how we can combine primary colors to make secondary ones: green, purple and orange. We used chalk and oil pastels, watercolors, tempera paint, paint sticks and glitter to make the other collage.

Now they all hang in our classroom and we are very happy!


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