Virtual Preschool: Space

This week we talk about Space and planets. We will learn about the Moon, make a ‘milky way’ experiment and paint a space picture with stars.


To join us you will need:
– watercolors
– watercolor paper
– white paint
– brushes, paper towels, water
– optional but recommended: old toothbrush
we will do a simple science experiment that the kids can watch… but if they want to do along it with us, they will need:
– shallow bowl or plate
– milk
– food coloring or liquid watercolors
– q-tip
– dishwashing soap
And here is a little but about the Moon:
In this video we will learn about the planets in our solar system and will print all of them to make a mobile or a collage.
You will need:
– a bowl/cup with a nice flat bottom (so it prints a circle when painted)
– tempera paint
– watercolor paper (about the size of the bottom of the cup we are using
-baby wipes
– optional: picture of planets OR printout of the last page of this:
for snack:
-butter + cheese / jam
-butter knife and a plate
-star or circle cookie cutter
Here is a fun song to help us remember the names of the planets:

And hereis a lot of NASA activities for kids.



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