Virtual Preschool: Jack & Beanstalk

We are talking about plants, beans and Jack. We read two versions of Jack and the Beanstalk this week, make a greenhouse for our beans and plant them in a pot with a castle in the clouds.

For the first lesson you will need:

– small zip lock bag
– watercolor paper
– scissors
– sharpies
– watercolors + brush
– paper towels and water
– tape
You can watch how the bean grows here:

And this is our second lesson: with magic castle. You will need:

– two watercolor papers
– scissors
– oil pastels or crayons
– watercolors
– brush, paper towel and water
– tape and glue
– 2 skewers or a twig
– cheerios or grapes (or something we can stick on the skewer)
half an apple
– optional: marshmallow (or a large strawberry or a piece of banana)
– optional: small flower pot with soil (this can be added later)
– optional: cotton balls (or some other fluff 😉 for cloud)
You can also download a fun counting game here.

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