Virtual Preschool – Music

This is our last week of online preschool. We are going to take a little break and be back in July and August with our summer camps.

And we have decided to dedicate our last week to music and sound.

To join us, you will need:

– oil pastels (or crayons)
– watercolors, brush, water, paper towels
– watercolor paper
– two ‘rhythm sticks’ – anything like spoons, wooden spatulas, wooden blocks…

The music we are listening to can be found here.

For Friday you will need:

– one or two empty plastic bottles
– beads/small legos/beans – to fill our shaker
– watercolor paper
– black/brown paper
– scraps of paper (magazines, colored paper, wrapping paper…)
– scissors
– glue
– yarn or a string

for snack:
– graham cracker or bread
– nutella or butter
– m&ms or raising
– pretzels
optional: 2 marshmallows

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