Colored Glue Fall-inspired Tiles

Ever since we did our colored glue project, kids have been asking to do it again. And ever since one parent dropped off a huge stack of white tiles at our school, I was trying to figure out what to do with them. Today we decided to combine these two – and were pleasantly surprised how WELL they fit together!

We started up by cleaning our tiles and then pouring colored glue on top of them. I made one colored bottles per child – and was very impressed how well the kids took turns with the different colors.

Could I please have the blue after you? 

Can you pass me the orange? You can have my pink.

I need more green. Can I have it after you?

I loved listening to them. And I loved them pouring the paint all over the tiles. Some kids filled them with patterns, others dripped the paint around the edge. Some made colorful puddles, others painted over the same spot again and again.

Colored glue is such a wonderful sensory experience. There is something mesmerizing about the way it stays on top of the colors and super slowly mixes together.

When the kids were done (some after almost an hour) we squished a small maple leaf from our garden in the middle of it all. Now we just need to wait – for a week (at least) – for them to dry. As they do, they will change. The glue will cover most of the tile, it will blend together even more. We will cover the tiles with mod podge, glue a square of felt on the bottom of the tile and have a nice and unique gift for our awesome families.

One response to “Colored Glue Fall-inspired Tiles”

  1. Jennifer LaRowe Avatar
    Jennifer LaRowe

    Wow! Impressed!!
    Jack’s grandma.


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