Leaf Making Factory

Watercolors and diffuse paper are always a hit. Sometimes we use pipettes and liquid watercolors, other times we do brushes and regular cake watercolors… but it is always fun for the kids. They love seeing how the ‘thirsty paper’ drinks up the paint. They love watching it spread by itself. They love to experiment with it to see how the colors mix, how much water they need to use or how quickly the paper dries.

Today we were experimenting again and used simple cut-out leaves. We talked about changing seasons and kids were observing the colorful leaves on our huge maple tree in the backyard. They thought it was really silly to paint these paper leaves blue, purple and pink and talked a lot about how cool it would be if they had these colors for real. I think we will have to paint some real leaves soon. For now, these beauties decorate our door and brighten up our rainy days.


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