Virtual Preschool: Three Little Pigs

Three little pigs have been my favorite story for a long time. I love the different versions of the books and I know kids just adore building the houses, knocking them down and pretend-play the big bad wolf. It is always a hit.

This week we make puppets for our retelling of the story and practice sequencing. We build houses out of ‘straw, sticks and bricks’ and try to knock them down. We make slop for snack and practice shapes and counting together.

We are reading: Three Little Pigs and a Somewhat Bad Wolf and Galdone’s Three Little Pigs.

If you would like to join us, you need:

– watercolor paper
– black sharpie
– watercolors
– cup of water, brush, paper towels
– scissors
– optional – popsicle sticks, tape or glue

If you would like more activities to do with our kids, here is a link to an awesome printable worksheet pack (words to copy, patterns, cutting and gluing).

Friday at 10am – you can watch the video on our Facebook page or join us here later.

You will need:
– the pig and wolf puppets from Tuesday
– yellow/white paper
– straws/pipe cleaners and playdough/clay
– Lego blocks or wooden blocks
– optional – hairdryer
– optional – gray-black paper, scissors and tape
– for snack (we will make slop ;)) – please use whatever you think would mix together well, stuff like: waffle, animal/graham crackers, bananas, blueberries, pretzels, maple syrup or whipped cream…

Last week we talked about Gruffalo.

Next week we talk about butterflies.

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