Virtual Preschool: Butterflies

This week we are talking about butterflies.

We will make a lapbook. I do not think we have made one yet this year… basically, you need a paper folder (or two sheets of paper taped together to look like a folder) and we draw, cut and paste a lot of things into it to make a presentation/book about butterflies.

My little one mad a sample to give you an idea:


For this class you will need:

  • paper folder (or two colored papers taped together)
  • paper fastener
  • glue and tape
  • scissors
  • paper (thick one is ideal)
  • pencil, markers or colored pencils
  • printout of these words 
  • printout of this puzzle picture 

If you want to learn more about butterflies, you can download and print any of these three butterfly activity packs (cutting, tracing, gluing).

If you are feeling adventurous, this flextanlge looks awesome but it defeated me.

Here is a fun metamorphosis song:

In this lesson we read Bob and Otto, play butterfly Bingo, make symmetry butterfly art and eat a ‘pollinator’ snack.

  • watercolor paper
  • paint (black and at least one other color)
  • brush, cup with water and paper towel
  • juice/water with a straw
  • messy cheesy snack in a bowl (like Cheetos, Cheezits… something that will make their fingers messy)
  • cheerios, small crackers or pretzels (we will discuss pollination and need to be able to fish something out of the bowl of Cheetos)
  • printout of one of these bingo sheets
  • something to keep track of your bingo (beans, mini erasers, pieces of paper, Legos…)

Last week we talked about Three Little Pigs and before that about Gruffalo. Book club!

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